Chiropractic is essential to football players. So much so that the NFL has implemented at least one chiropractor for every team.

Patriot’s star quarterback Tom Brady is especially vocal about his chiropractor, Dr. Michael Miller. Dr. Miller treats 30 to 40 of the Patriots as his own patients, including Brady.

Football players who receive regular treatment, including right before games, find a difference in how they play. Chiropractic care helps their bodies work at peak performance, avoid injuries more often, and aides in recover time when injured. Brady expresses that “as long as I see the chiropractor, I feel like I’m one step ahead of the game.”  The site DCAligned writes that “much of Dr. Miller’s work is done pre-game, making adjustments to players’ knees, shoulders, ankles, and backs to help them avoid injury. As he says, ‘Their job is to get banged and be tackled.'”

Many other athletes benefit from chiropractic care including: Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Jordan. 

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