In our last blog we talked about maintaining a proper sitting technique to keep your spine aligned and to prevent injury. Taking frequent breaks  from these positions may help. One of the techniques to take a break from sitting or standing for long periods of time would be the semi-supine technique.

The semi-supine comes from the school of the Alexander Technique, a set of skills to help reduce or rid tension in your body caused be postural habits. Think of it as body movement therapy. The technique requires you to stop at numerous points during the day to do a thoughtful stretch so you can catch on to sneaky postures that wear and tear your body due to years of stress.

How to do the semi-supine:

Find a level ground to lay on. Bring your knees to the sky, with feet flat on the ground. Check to make sure your spine pushing into the ground, you should feel like you can rest in this position. One of the best recommendations is to observe your surroundings. Listen, look up, and feel aware of yourself. Take this time to breathe.

Alexander Technique site suggests entertaining these thoughts:

be aware of the direction of the crown of your head towards the wall and of your feet towards the opposite wall; also, of your right side out to the right, the left out to the left, and of where up and where down is think of the whole of your back, starting at your tailbone and gradually working all the way up to the top of your spine, with the idea of a gentle unfurling all the way up, together with an expansion or widening of your torso since your hips and feet are fully supported by the ground you can imagine your knees being so free that they could just float up away from your hips towards the ceiling.

It’s recommended to do this technique 15-20 minutes a day while remaining mindful to get the full mental and physical benefits! 

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