Exciting news: Next week will be the first day of summer! We hope you’ll take some time and enjoy the warm weather we’re having already.

If you haven’t been able to take a vacation yet, we’ve discussed reducing pain and strain in long travel times by air and by car in past posts.

In this entry, we’ll be covering travel safety for children!

The American Chiropractic Association gives us a few guidelines when traveling with kids:

Always use a car seat in a car when traveling with children below the age of 4 and weighing less than 40 pounds. Ask the airline for their policy on child car seat safety. Car seats for infants and toddlers provide added resistance to turbulent skies and are safer than the lap of a parent in the event of an unfortunate accident. Make sure the car seat is appropriate for the age and size of the child. Newborn infants require a different seat than a 3-year-old toddler. Car seats for infants should always face the rear. In this position, the forces and impact of a crash will be spread more evenly along the back and shoulders, providing more protection for the neck. Car seats should always be placed in the back seat of the car — ideally in the center. This is especially important in cars equipped with air bags. If an air bag becomes deployed, the force could seriously injure or kill a child or infant placed in the front seat. Make sure the car seat is properly secured to the seat of the vehicle and is placed at a 45-degree angle to support the head of the infant or child.

With these few tips in mind, safe travels!

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