It is widely accepted that apart from back pain, shoulder pain is the second leading cause for patients to seek a chiropractor.  Work related injuries and overworking are the main culprits as the shoulders are one of the most frequently used of the body following behind your back. Dr. Franchesca Vermillion of Livestrong. com writes that shoulder pain is caused by “joint irritation, while other times it is caused by tissue irritation.”  With being the most mobile part of the body, many ligaments and muscles can become irritated after being knocked out of alignment. When this happens, the inner workings of the shoulder end up being pulled the wrong ways inducing pain and inflammation.

Getting an adjustment from a chiropractor for your shoulder, back, and upper neck can help relieve pain because it “distracts[s] the joint or shift it forward or backward, depending on symptoms.” Vermillion also cites that “adjusting the shoulder may involved the use of a speeder board, drop table piece or reflex-type hammer tool as well as manual adjustment.”

A chiropractor can also guide patients in their posture so that they can avoid future injuries.  They can also help guide patients when choosing an exercise plan that can benefit the patient in healing and building their muscles. 

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