Workplace Ergonomics

If you spend several hours a day sitting at a desk working in front of a computer, proper ergonomics is essential to preventing a work injury. If you’ve recently made changes, but are still experiencing muscle aches and pain, our chiropractors, Dr. Michael N. Moskowitz and Dr. Liza S. Moskowitz can help provide relief at Moskowitz Chiropractic in Bethesda, Maryland.

What is a Work Injury?

The easiest way to prevent injuries is to be proactive with your workspace. More people now realize the dangers of staying in a stationary position for several hours a day is bad. However, many still don’t see that the way they are sitting, the angle of their head, and the position of their arms can lead to the aches and pains they are experiencing throughout the day and even after leaving work. Common injuries from poor ergonomics include:

Lower back painHip painNeck and shoulder painWrist strain

Keep getting up and moving several times a day to reduce the dangers of inactivity, but also make sure your chair, desk, keyboard, mouse, and monitor are all in the right alignment.

Set Up an Ergonomic Office to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Your workplace setup should be designed specifically for you. What works for you may not work for someone else. The chair should have an adjustable height, and it needs to be set, so your feet are flat on the ground, the backrest supports your back, and your eyes are parallel with the top of the monitor. You can also place your feet on a separate footrest as long as they remain flush against it. To reduce lower back pain, consider a chair with a rounded, waterfall design that allows your legs to sit naturally, and relieve pressure on the knees. Additionally, if you answer the phone regularly, use a headset to prevent neck strain.

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Your health is our number 1 priority. If you’re experiencing pain from a work injury, our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Moskowitz, and Dr. Liza Moskowitz can help provide relief and get you back to work, help you return to regular activities with friends and family at the Moskowitz Chiropractic office in Bethesda.

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