2017 is beginning this Sunday. I hope everyone has their New Year’s Resolutions ready. We hope that you have listed some goals to help take care of your health. If you have, be it mental, physical, or emotional, we’re proud of you already for taking a step towards the better you! However, we have one more recommendation to help you maintain that noble resolution!  Did you know visiting the chiropractor can complement your workout regimen? Cited by the Health Community Key:   It restores the back’s endurance, strength, and bulk to untrained muscle groups. This is extremely important to returning the patient back to the original functioning state.  It increases blood flowing to the injured tissues which increases the speed of the healing process.  It stops the fibrinous adhesions with muscle contractions and joint motions from forming and reduces them even after they have formed.  It restores aerobic capacity to the pre-injury state if the patient’s employment or normal lifestyle needs it.  It reduces pain overall though the pain pathway which releases endorphins and other neuroactive substances. It can also supports your mental and emotional health. Being adjusted reduces the hormone cortisol, the hormone that is responsible for processing pain and stress reactions. Reducing or getting rid of pain or stress altogether can improve your quality of life. This improvement will positively alter your mood and state of being!   Adding chiropractic visits to your resolutions list with ensure that you get the most out to 2017!

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