As May comes to a close let’s discuss some guidelines on how to physically achieve your posture as along side of the ACE technique!

Dr. Steven Weiniger, a posture specialist at suggests posture breaks as a way of staying aware. He informs us that this break takes 5 steps and can facilitate in not only a better posture but also a mood boost!:

1. Stand Tall and Relaxed: NOT STIFF. Relax, and pull your head to the ceiling.  Breathe in and out, and then… 2. Ground your Feet: Slowly come up onto your toes, then down. Come up onto your heels and spread your toes apart, then back down.  Roll your feet out, and then in. Now, press on all four ‘corners’ to ground your feet as you breathe in and out, and then… 3. Center your Pelvis: Arch your low back and breathe in, then pull your belly in, tuck your pelvis and breathe out. Keep your spine long and head tall as you roll your pelvis back to center.  Repeat for another breath. 4. Open your Torso: Lift shoulders up and back as you breathe in, then keep them back as you lower them down and breathe out.  Repeat for another slow breath, and then… 5. Lift and Level your Head:  Look straight ahead as you breathe in, then breathe out and lift the base of your head up (keep the head level and chin slightly tucked) to lengthen your spine. Repeat for another slow, deep breath.

Repeat. Focus on standing taller, aligning each PostureZone as you breathe slowly for each step. Do this 2 or 3 times a day to relieve stress, unfold your posture and brighten your mood.

Remember that you can always have your chiropractor check your posture! 🙂 

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