The payoff of long term chiropractic care is like eating right and exercising. It is felt as it is seen. An example this week would be former Giants punter, Steve Weatherford. Touted in the news media circles for never missing a single game  in 10 years due to injury, Weatherford says that he owes it all to the chiropractic care he has gotten since he was a teenager.

The NFL provides comprehensive medical and preventative care to their players every week, this includes chiropractic care! Since American football is a high contact sport it is vital that players see chiropractors. Dr. Jason Levy, the team chiropractor for the New York Jets and the New York Red Bulls says that “the majority of serious football injuries are caused by compression of the spine in the neck. By teaching football players about how their spine works and which  positions to avoid during play, especially when tackling, chiropractors can help them avoid many injuries.”

By equipping athletes of all ages with knowledge and chiropractic care they will be more alert in their sports when it comes to their bodies and their health.  They can prevent or lessen injuries and be able to perform their best.

Weatherford voiced  “athletes are like a high performance car. If the tires aren’t balanced, they aren’t going to be able to perform at the highest level.” 


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