Chiropractics can benefit you in all stages of your life, this includes senior years! As advances in healthcare make strides , we are living longer. This  results in an upward trend of seniors in the United States. But age comes a few problems.  Chironexus’s wellness writer, Christina DeBusk cites a study of 7,285 individuals 75 years of age and older “experienced issues with walking, standing, seeing clearly, cognitive function, pain, weakness, and more.” As these problems arise the quality of life for seniors drop.

The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine published a study where 19 people over the age of 40 had issues related to “balance, neck, and dizziness.” DeBusk writes that these are the common complaints of getting older. After eight weeks in the study researchers found  “clinically meaningful change” in the levels of dizziness and improvement in their neck as well as pain and their balance. There was also a study done under the same journal where a 83 year old male had a “history of leukemia, multiple compression fractures, osteoporosis, and degenerative join disease.” DeBusk conveys that the patient reported his pain being “10 out of 10 on a pain scale and he also indicated that he suffered with spasms and tenderness in his lower back, making it very difficult to care for his disabled wife.” After 8 treatments from his chiropractor (using an Activator Method) he stated his pain dropped 6 points  and he could finally aid his wife. With his chiropractic treatments, he was able to improve the quality of life for both himself and his wife.

And as we’ve recommended before, spinal manipulations/adjustments have improved people in all stages of their life: infancy, teens, adults and of course, seniors.  Whether you are healthy or in a lot of pain chiropractics can find a way to boost your quality of life!

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