It’s the weekend for the Super Bowl!

Did you know sitting a whole football game means sitting for almost 4 hours straight? Those who struggle with back pain and those who would like to avoid it, we have some tips for you from Muscle Pain Solutions! 

When sitting in a chair with back support:

Move your buttocks to the back of the seat. Place a pillow, lumbar support, or a towel rolled up with a 3-4 inch diameter (assuming the chair does not have adequate support in the right location). This should be placed at the level of your belt, about the level of your belly button. Your feet should rest flat on the floor or on a foot rest, and your thighs should not be compressed by the edge of the chair. Allow the chair to support you without slouching – you should be scooted all the way to the back of the chair for this to work.  Lean back into the chair and visualize your back lengthening and widening. Release your neck, and allow your head to balance forward and up. Allow your whole spine to lengthen up to your ears. Notice your breathing and allow your ribs and back to expand with your breaths. Allow the lengthening and widening of the torso. Allow your breath to flow freely. When you look down to read or write, allow your eyes to lower but maintain the poise of your head and neck. You should feel light and free.

Make sure you take many breaks! It’s a little bit of work to maintain a better posture so give your back numerous small breaks to keep the ache at bay. A good technique for a tired back is the semi-supine technique. (We’ll talk about that next week friends!)  

Continue to website to get more detail on how to sit without back support and being able to sit and lean without killing your muscles and spine!

Enjoy the games (or the food and commercials- there’s something for everyone)!

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