Get Quality Sports Injury Care from Moskowitz Chiropractic in Bethesda, MD

A sports injury can be life-altering, especially for younger people. These injuries are often cumulative, building up over time and leading to pain and discomfort. However, our pediatric chiropractor in Bethesda can help. We understand how important it is for young children and teens to get appropriate care the first time they’re injured playing sports, and we want them to continue enjoying their activities in the future without any pain.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Many injuries can heal completely with the support of chiropractic care, such as:

ConcussionsLittle league elbowRotator cuff injuriesDislocations in the kneesACL tearsAnkle sprainsTendonitisFracturesNeck and back pain

How Our Pediatric Chiropractor in Bethesda Can Help 

Our chiropractor works with more than just realignment methods. At Moskowitz Chiropractic, we offer well-balanced support through good nutrition, specialized exercise assignments, and more. We offer three phases of treatment, including:

Relief CareCorrective CareWellness Care

We will help your child to get the relief he or she needs while correcting the problem and supporting wellness in the future.

Get in Touch with Our Pediatric Chiropractor in Bethesda, MD

If your child has suffered from a sports injury in Bethesda or the surrounding communities, early intervention is the key to a full recovery. Your child can get the care he or she needs at Moskowitz Chiropractic.

Sports can be rough on the body, but good relief, corrective, and wellness care can help children get back on track. Give us a call to set up your child’s appointment today. You can reach us at 301-530-0802, and we would be happy to take your call.

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