Yes! Chiropractors can adjust infants!

If you’re not completely used to getting  adjusted as an adult, it is unthinkable to have a baby adjusted. However, there are several benefits that you and your little one can enjoy from regular chiropractic care:

Ear infections and ear aches Colic and acid reflux Fussiness Feeding and breastfeeding/latching issues

Also just like with adults, infants can also keep up their immune system and nervous system at peak health with regular adjustments. Gina Shaw from the American Chiropractic Association Children cites Emily Watters a Chiropractic Doctor who practiced at the Whole Mama Whole Child clinic in Portland Oregon explains “Even in utero, if there was any sort of intrauterine constraint, the baby can get stuck in one position, potentially for several months. Wouldn’t you be hurting if you’d been in one position for two months? From day one, they can have directional preferences, possibly due to shortened tissues during growth. The goal of treatment is to restore motion to the joints and balance the tissues to keep everything as biomechanically even as possible. Taking the tension off from day one can help allow for optimal growth and development” Elise Hewitt, Doctor of Chiropractic and Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics of Portland, Oregon  adds ” Every baby is born with an instinctive ability to suck. If the baby can’t latch on properly, there may be a communication problem between the brain and the elements of the suck-swallow reflex. I just get the joints moving again, clearing out the irritation of the central nervous system, which opens communication pathways that let the tongue and throat muscles work properly.”

It is also important for infants and children to have regular chiropractic care as a safer alternative to drugs.

Shaw conveys  that children who have disorders like cerebral palsy, ADHD, autism, post-stroke, and Down syndrome may also benefit from regular chiropractic care as well. There are studies being done to survey whether children with disorders  could hold a larger benefit on their quality of life.

Focusing on getting the right amount of sleep, nutrition, and exercise is essential to everyone’s life including infants and children. To get the most of their immune system and nervous system, adding chiropractic care is advantageous to their overall quality of life.  

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