Ear infections, or otitis media, are one of the top problems in pediatrics. It’s known to be excruciatingly painful for babies and children. It can also rob families of invaluable sleep. Matthew C. Supran, Doctor of Chiropractic and Medical Doctor in Delray Beach Florida conveys that “almost half of all children will have at least one middle ear infection before they’re a year old, and two thirds of them will have at least one such infection by the age of 3.”

The usual remedy to ear infections are antibiotics, however, it is not always a bacterial infection but it could be a viral one. There are times where an ear infection crops up as a left over symptom from a cold. Not only that but ear infections could become a common occurrence for some children. But bacteria treated with antibiotics are able to build a resistance eventually rendering the medicine useless and the child stuck with the ear infection.

Another option that parents consider is a surgery to have a tube installed into the child’s ear to release pressure and create a way for the excess liquid to drain and to prevent it from building up. Although this method is successful there is a 20 to 30 percent chance it may need to be repeated. Unfortunately, it requires a small child to go under general anesthesia which weighs heavy risks on the child and anxiety for a parent.

Before going through these trials with a child, visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic care can help children with ear infections gently, naturally and effectively. Citing Joan Fallon, a Doctor of Chiropractic who has published research on ear infections and chiropractic care, showed that “nearly 80 percent of children treated were free of ear infections for a least the six month period following their initial visits (a period that also included maintenance treatments every four to six weeks).” Adjusting children can help the ear drain and getting the ear to release fluid and pressure is enough for a child’s body to fight off the rest of the infection itself under these conditions. Usually it takes six to eight treatments but if the child’s case is acute Dr. Fallon monitored and adjusted children every day or every other day.

It is imperative to consider a chiropractor before antibiotics and major steps like surgery to help kids with ear infections. Chiropractors can provide less harmful, successful options for children. 

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