An interesting blog came across my desk recently. I had talked about the benefits of infants and children getting chiropractic care before but never the mother.  So I wanted to share the blog that explains simply how chiropractic care benefits pregnant women.  Kylene Chin, from, writes as a woman who was raised by a chiropractor she was regularly adjusted during her pregnancy. She explains that when carrying an infant a mother’s spine can be altered from the weight and pressure of the infant. This strain on the spine can prevent nerves from communicating precisely with your brain and organs. Chin describes the process “like a garden hose with the water on full blast, but there’s a kink in the line. The water won’t be at its fullest potential because there is a blockage.” Even these kinks cause pain not only in the back area but in other places in the body as well. Chin brings up the point that it is essential that a pregnant body should be working at full potential for a little one or else problems may not show until birth.  For example, she writes that if the nerves that signal the pelvis to the brain are not firing correctly there may not be a timely delivery: “Our pelvis is designed with a cartilage substance to connect our pubic (pubis) bone. During pregnancy, labor, and birth, the body sends signals to control that cartilage. When it softens, it’s time for the baby to soon makes his arrival.” Having a chiropractor adjust during pregnancy can keep the body working at its fullest potential. It is recommended for pregnant people to be adjusted once a week or depending on your treatment with the chiropractor.  Having a relaxed, aligned spine may provide a smoother delivery! 

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