Did you know that chiropractic care benefits your wallet as well? 

In an article written by Michael Melton, CEO of chirohosting.com, studies have shown that people with back pain, one of the most common complaints, spend less money in chiropractic care than using medical care.This study encompassed 5,511 patients who suffered a back related injury during work. Of these patients their first visits were to: 

85.3% saw a medical doctor 11.4% saw a chiropractor 3.2% saw a physical therapist

After comparing the compensations of each patient researchers found that the chiropractic group paid less because the term of their care was shorter than the others. They were also less likely to have more treatment down the road because they were addressing their pain at the root of the problem. It is also worthy noting that patients who saw a physical therapist also had to see a medical doctor vice versa. Those who saw a chiropractor did not have to see other providers.

Chiropractic care extends even beyond your body. It benefits your budget and your time! 

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