Meet Dr. Moskowitz

Dr. Michael N. Moskowitz has been practicing Chiropractic since 1985 and sees patients every day of the week! He is extremely passionate about his work and healing people from their mental and physical ailments. Every person that walks through his door may become a patient, but he takes it upon himself to create a relationship beyond that of a simple doctor/patient and “just another number,” something that you don’t find on a normal basis anymore when it comes to the medical profession.

Dr. Moskowitz attended the University of Maryland and received a Bachelor of Science. He then went on to attend New York Chiropractic College in Brookeville, NY where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic.  Dr. Moskowitz is currently licensed in many states including Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.

Dr. Moskowitz has numerous affiliations including the International Chiropractic Association, the Maryland Chiropractic Association, and is currently on staff at Rockville Fitness and Healthworks Fitness Center in Poolesville, Maryland.

He is also a Chiropractor to several NFL, NBA and other professional athletes, past and present, as well as Chiropractor for many University of Maryland athletes.

 As of February 2012, Dr. Moskowitz was nominated to the Maryland State Board of Chiropractic. He was sworn in March 2012 and currently serves as a board member.

To stay in touch with his practice, Dr. Moskowitz enjoys attending several conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the year. Very seldom will you find him out of the office, but most of the days that he is absent, you will find him continuing his Chiropractic education to better his practice and the quality of life for his patients.

Dr. Moskowitz believes in the power of Chiropractic and positive thinking. If you start each day with a smile on your face and a visit to his office, it can place you on the right path of mental and physical health.

Come in anytime and join the Moskowitz Chiropractic family!