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  • Your First Consultation After an Auto Accident Injury
    If you've been in an auto accident injury, you should consult a chiropractor as soon as possible. If your injury is recent, you may be able to avoid the major Read more
  • Take Comfort In Your Care
    Recently the news has been buzzing on whether or not Chiropractic care is safe. Well, we've got great news for you! According to our neighbors, the National Institute of Health , Read more
  • The Semi-Supine Technique
    In our last blog we talked about maintaining a proper sitting technique to keep your spine aligned and to prevent injury. Taking frequent breaks  from these positions may help. One Read more
  • 26th Day of Thanks
    Join us for our 26th annual Day of Thanks, Monday November 14, where we help those less fortunate for the Thanksgiving season. Bring canned or box foods and receive a free adjustment. Read more
  • 26th Day of Thanks Success!
    This is your lovely receptionist, Stephanie, and I have a personal message for you, Thank you all for making our 26th Day of Thanks a success!  I just wanted to share:  222 lbs Read more
  • Suffering from migraines or headaches?
    Give Chiropractic care a try! Headaches, pulsating/throbbing pains on one or more sides of the head, are common among adults. Migraines are alternatively a more severe but varying in intensity form of a Read more
  • Handling Stress During The Holiday Season
    Keeping yourself stress free would be ideal during the holiday seasons but we have to agree that it is impossible. Especially if you have chronic conditions, stress can exacerbate pain. However, Read more
  • Long Term Chiropractic Care in Athletes
    The payoff of long term chiropractic care is like eating right and exercising. It is felt as it is seen. An example this week would be former Giants punter, Steve Read more
  • What's in the box!?
    Whether you are receiving a gift, shipping or unburying your decorations for the holidays, being careful about how you lift is essential to your spine wellness! If you don't know Read more
  • Let the snoozes in.
    Feeling like you're not getting enough zzz's? If pain and backaches are keeping you up or keeping you restless during the night chiropractic adjustments may help.   Chiropractic adjustments have been Read more
  • New Year's Resolutions
    2017 is beginning this Sunday. I hope everyone has their New Year's Resolutions ready. We hope that you have listed some goals to help take care of your health. If Read more
  • Improving the life of seniors
    Chiropractics can benefit you in all stages of your life, this includes senior years! As advances in healthcare make strides , we are living longer. This  results in an upward Read more
  • Chiropractic Care Begins at Infancy
    Yes! Chiropractors can adjust infants! If you're not completely used to getting  adjusted as an adult, it is unthinkable to have a baby adjusted. However, there are several benefits that you Read more
  • Couch Bowl
    It's the weekend for the Super Bowl! Did you know sitting a whole football game means sitting for almost 4 hours straight? Those who struggle with back pain and those who Read more
  • Align Your Spine and Your Wallet!
    Did you know that chiropractic care benefits your wallet as well?  In an article written by Michael Melton, CEO of chirohosting.com, studies have shown that people with back pain, one of the Read more
  • 'Text Neck' Awareness
    Featured in USA Today writers Terry Bryne and Paul Trap illuminate the repercussions of hunching over a mobile phone for extended period of time. It's called "Text Neck.' As cited Read more